First Project Meeting

LEONARDO  DA VINCI Transfer of Innovation

Movies for Vocational Education and Training (MOVET)

 Preparatory Project Meeting


Minutes of the Meeting


The Preparatory Project Meeting was held in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, on the 15th – 16th of February 2013. The hosting institution was Bridge Language Study House Association, which is also the coordinating institution and is in charge of the overall management and monitoring of the entire project.

 The aims of the meeting were the following:

  1. 1. to present and discuss all issues regarding the administrative and financial management of the project, including reporting and financial reporting

  2. 2. to present and discuss all activities to be carried out within the project, which partner institution is in charge of completing each task and the deadlines of delivering each project activity

  3. 3.  to present and discuss the dissemination plan of the project

  4. 4. providing an occasion to all representative members of partner institutions to meet each other, establish and develop a good working relationship, and to build a strong, efficiently cooperating team. 


Participants of the meeting:

  1. 1. Mr. Mehmet Menteşe, Mr.OrkunYeşilova - Turkey

  2. 2. Eva Vanhee, Tatiana Speri - Italy

  3. 3. Alicia Garcia Madrid Colado – Spain

  4. 4. Koszta Katalin – Hungary


First Project Meeting