In the context of the MOVET project (Movies for Vocational Education and Training) a training course addressed to English L2 teachers was organized by INSTITUTO DE FORMACIÓN INTEGRAL, IFI.

Several dissemination activities were carried out in order to attract external teachers to participate in this course. Information about the course were disseminated by e-mail, by LinkedIn, Twitter, and other specific webpages and on-line communities (, and of course by direct contact and through the posters created in the project about this course.

The National Teacher Training took place in Madrid (Spain), in the classrooms that IFI have in C/ Orense nº 10, 1st floor, from the 11th until the 14th of November 2013. We welcomed 8 language teachers (both collaborators of INSTITUTO DE FORMACIÓN INTEGRAL and external teachers) who took part in our 20 hour Teacher Training course, being two of these 20 hours dedicated to the evaluation of the course.